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We have had some interest in other British programs .   We are doing what we can to fill those requests.  As we aquire more disk space we will be adding such shows here as  we have them 
Dad's Army, Steptoe & Son, The Good Life, Neverwhere, Moonbase 3, Home To Roost, Open All Hours, So Haunt Me, Brittas Empire,  Clarance, Porridge, Nearest & Dearest, Magnifcent Evens, In Loving Memory


Dad's Army" was a long running British comedy series created and written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. The idea of a series came to Jimmy Perry when he realised that many people had forgotten about the contribution the Home Guard had made to the British Home Front during the years of the Second World War.

Commencing in 1968, "Dad's Army" ran on BBC Television for 9 years with over eighty episodes spread within 10 series. The series is set in a small fictional seaside town called Walmington-on-Sea somewhere on the South Coast of England. "Dad's Army" is also remembered for its first class actors which starred amongst its credits, Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring, John Le Mesurier as Sergeant Arthur Wilson and Clive Dunn as Lance Corporal Jack Jones.

series 1 - 1disk - $10.oo - Black & White - quality 8 to 9  special series price 

The Man & The Hour - Museum Piece - Command Decision - The Enemy Within The Gates - The Showing Up Of Corporal Gates - Shooting Pains

series 2 - 1 disk  - $5.oo  - Black & White - quality   8 to 9  special series price

Operation Kilt - The Battle Of Godfry's Cottage, The Lonliness Of The Long Distance Walker

 episodes missing - Sergent Wilson's  Little Secret - A Stripe For Frazer - Under Fire     -   will post when aquired

series 3  -  2 disk  -  $10.oo  - Colour  -  quality   8 to 9  special series price

The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones - Battle School - The Lion Has Phones - The Bullet Is Not Firing - Something Nasty In The Vault - Room At The Bottom - Big Guns - The Day The Balloon Went Up - War Dance - Menace From The Deep - Branded - Man Hunt - No Spring For Frazer - Sons Of The Sea

series 4  -  2 disk  -  $10.oo  - Colour  -  quality   8 to 9     special series price

The Big Parade - Don't Forget The Diver - Boots, Boots, Boots - Stg - Save My Boy! - Don't Fence Me In - Absent Friends - Put That Light Out - The Two & A Half Feathers - Mum's Army - The Test - A. Wilson (Manager) - Uninvited Guests - Fallen Idol

series 5  -  2 disks  -  $15.oo  -  color  -  quality 8 to 9   special series price

Asleep in the Deep  - Keep Young and Beautiful - A Soldiers Farewell - Getting the Bird  - The Desperate Drive of Lance Corporal Jones - If the Cap Fits... - The King was in his Counting House -  All is Safely Gathered in  - When Did You Last See Your Money ? - Brain Versus Brawn - Brush with the Law  - Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel (missing opening) - Broadcast to the Empire - Time On My Hands

series 6   -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  color  -  quality 8 to 9  special series price

The Deadly Attatchment - My British Buddy - The Royal Train - We Knows Our Onions - The Honorable Man - Things That Go Bump In The Night - The Recruit 

series 7   -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  color  -  quality 8 to 9  special series price

Everybody's Talking - Man Of Action - Gorilla Warfare - The Godiva Affair - The Captians Car - Turkey Dinner

series 8   -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  color  -  quality 8 to 9  special series price

Ring Dem Bells - When You've Got To Go - Is There Honey Still For Tea? -  Come In, Your Time Is Up - High Finance - The Face On The Poster

series 9  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  color  -  quality 8 to 9  special series price

Wake-Up Walmington - The Making Of  Private Pike - Knights Of Madness - The Miser's Hoard - Number Engaged - Never Too Old

Specials Disk   -  Disk 1  -  $5.oo  -  quality 8 to 9  special series price

Dad's Army - The Movie  (90 min)  -  Love of Three Oranges (30 min)

Specials Disk   -  Disk 2  -  $5.oo   -    quality 8 to 9     special series price

The Unforgetable Arthur Lowe ( 2000)  - Johnathan Ross Salutes  Dad's Army  (2008)  -  Don't Panic!  The Story Of Dad's Army  (2000)

Dad'a Army special series price   -  $75.oo


BLESS ME FATHER  -  Bless me, Father was a British situation comedy starring Arthur Lowe, Daniel Abineri,  and Gabrielle Daye.    It was aired on ITV from 1978 until 1981 and described the adventures of an Irish Catholic priest (Lowe) and his young curate (Abineri) in the fictional parish of St. Jude's in suburban London. 21 episodes, written by Peter De Rosa.  The series was set in 1950  and marked a departure from the middle class 'bank manager' roles traditionally associated with Lowe. 

series 1  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  quality  8 / 9  -  special series price

Baptism of Fire,  The Bells of St. Judes,  The parish Bizaar,  The Doomsday Chair, Father & Mother, The Tennis Match, The Seal Of Confession.

series 2  - 1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 / 9  -  special series price

Blessings From Heaven, Father Neil's First Miracle, Fatal Lady, The Heart Of a Curate,  all At Sea,  The Season Of Goodwill,  A Back To Front Wedding

series 3  - 1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 / 9  -  special series price

Things Are Not What They Seem, Women, Beddings and Weddingss, Fire and Brimstone, A Legend Comes To Stay, Porgy and Bess, A Mixed Up Marriage

*Special complete series price  $25.oo


Brittas Empire

 Chris Barrie plays Gordon Brittas, the well-meaning but incompetent manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre.  The show ran for seven series from 1991 to 1997 on BBC 1.

The Brittas Empire enjoyed a long and successful run throughout the 1990s, and gained itself large mainstream audiences. In 2004 the show came 47th on the BBC's Britain's Best Sitcom poll.  Unlike most sitcoms high body counts, fires, and even explosions are the norm in The Brittas Empire.


Series One  -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $10.oo  (special series price)

Laying Foundations - Opening Day - Bye Bye Baby - Underwater Wedding - Stop Thief! - Assassin



Series Two  -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $10.oo  (special series price)

Back From The Dead - Temple Of The Body - An Inspector Calls - Set In Concrete - Mums & Dads - Safety First - New Generations



Series Three  -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $10.oo  (special series price)

The Stuff Of Dreams - The Trial - That Creepy Feeling - Laura's Feeling - Two Little Boys - Sex Lies & Red Tape



Series Four  -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $10.oo  (special series price)

Not A Good Day - The Christening - Biggles Tells A Lie - Mr Brittas Changes Trains - Playing With Fire - Shall We Dance - The Chop - High Noon



Series Five -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $10.oo  (special series price)

In The Beginning - The Old, Old Story - Blind Devotion - Brussels Calling - The Lies Have It - The Boss - Pregnant - UXB - The Last Day



Series Six -  quality 6 (some out of sync problems)

                                                    - 1 disk  $8.oo  (special series price)

Back With A Bang - Body Language - At The Double - A Walk On The Wild Side - Mr Brittas Falls In Love - Snap Happy



Series Seven  -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $10.oo  (special series price)

The Elephants Child - Reviewing The Situation - HTTP etc... - Wake Up With The Lion - The Disappearing Act - Gavin Featerley RIP - Exposed - Curse Of The Tiger Woman



Specials -  quality 8 - 1 disk  $5.oo  (special series price)

Surviving Christmas (1996) - Royal Performance (1996) - Chris Barrie Interview on Terry Wogan Program - Good Morning AM interview





STEPTOE AND SON - Albert and Harold Steptoe, a father and son who have a love-hate relationship who are in the rag and bone trade or what is now commonly known now as junk men. Albert is always putting Harold down about his lifestyle, and the girls he dates. Albert is right wing tory, while Harold is old school labour. Albert turns out to be better at everything that Harold takes up. From Chess to Scrabble to Badminton, Harold starts out enthusiastically only to find out that his dad is able to beat him comfortably.

Classic BBC series that ran for 8 series and was the inspiration for NBC's "Sanford And Son"

series 1  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  Black & White  -  quality 7 to 8

The Offer (PILOT) - The Bird - The Piano - The Economist - The Diploma - The Holiday

series 2  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  Black & White  - quality 7 to 8

The Bath -  Wallah-Wallah Catsmeat - The Stepmother - Sixty-Five Today     A Musical Evening - Full House - Is That Your Hiorse Outside?

series 3  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  Black & White  - quality 7 to 8

Home Fit For Heroes - The Wooden Overcoats - The lead Man Cometh    Steptoe a La Cart - Sunday For Seven Days - The Bonds That Bind Us       The Lodger

series 4  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  Black & White  - quality 7 to 8

And Afterwards At... - Crossed Sowards - Those Magnificent Men and       Their Heating Machines - Siege of Steptoe Street - A Box In Town                   My Old Man's A Tory -  Pilgrim's Progress        

series 5  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  Black & White  - quality 7 to 8

A Death In The Family - A Winter's Tals - Any Old Iron? - Steptoe and Son - and Son! - The Colour Problem - T.B. Or Not T.B.? - Men Of Property

series 6  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  some color episodes  - quality 7 to 8

Robery With Violence - Come Dancing - Two's Company - Tea For Two - Without Prejudice - Pot Black - The Three Feathers - Cuckoo In The Nest

specials  -  1 disk  -  $5.oo  -  Color  - quality 7 to 8

1973 Christmas Special  (46 min)    -   1974 Christmas Special  (42 min)


not yet available

series 7 -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  color  - quality 7 to 8

Men Of Letters - A Star Is Born - Oh, What A Beautiful Morning - Live Now P.A.Y.E. Later - Lothe Story - Divided We Stand - The Desperate Hours

series 8  -  1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  color  - quality 7 to 8

Back In Fsshion - Porn Yesterday - And So To Bed - The Seven Steptoeral - Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs, Downstairs - Seance In A Wet Rag & Bone Yard



A BBC production, the six episodes of Moonbase 3 first aired in 1973 and for twenty years was thought lost for all time when the corporation wiped the tapes as part of an ill-conceived recycling policy.  Until 1993, when an export copy of the series was discovered in Canada

Set in the far-off future of 2003, Moonbase 3 tells the story of Europe's under-funded outpost on the Earth’s satellite and the adventures of its overworked, overstressed staff— especially its new director, Dr. David Caulder (Donald Houston) who, in the first episode, tells his multi-national lieutenants (including Alan Bates as a thoroughly detestable Frenchman) that in the harsh lunar environment "we must love one another or we will die."

All 6 one hour episodes   -  2 Disks  -  $12.oo  -  quality 8 to 9


Oh, Dr Beeching!

David Croft is famous for his writing on British sitcoms such as Dad's Army, Are You Being Served?, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Hi-de-Hi!, 'Allo 'Allo!, You Rang, M'Lord?, and the Are You Being Served? spin-off, Grace & Favour.

This show tells the story about a group of people working at the Hatley Station. The staff includes a not-too-bright Jack Skinner, the boss; his wife May; their daughter Gloria; Ethel; Vera Plumtree; Harry lambert (Last Of The Summer Wine's Smiler) and many other people. The stories revolve around the staff and their personal love lifes. The show also reunites Jeffrey Holland, Paul Shane and Su Pollard, who worked together on other BBC comedies, "Hi-De-Hi!" and "You Rang, M'Lord?"

Series One 2 Disks $10.oo quality 8/9

All Change, Talking Turkey, Train Now Standing, A Moving Story, The Late Mr Buckly, Horse Play, Past Love, Job Opportunity, Sleeping Around

Series Two 2 Disks $10.oo quality 8/9

No Milk For The Minister, Father's Day, The Gravy Train, The Van, Lucky Strike, Love Is A Very Splendid Thing, A Bowl In The Hand, Action Stations, A Pregnant Pause, Ton Uo


So Haunt Me

This is a story of Yetta Feldman, a ghost no less. who haunts a detached house in Meadow Road, scaring off anyone who tries to move in. That is until she meets the Rokeby's, a typical family who decide to help Yetta out.

This is one of Britain's long forgotten, but popular at the time, sitcoms. Like Yetta herself it seems to rest in peace, but maybe, in this day of popular ghost related programmes like Most Haunted and movies like White Noise, So Haunt Me is long overdue for a revival!

Series One 2 Disks $10.oo quality 7/8   *(special series price)

episodes one thru six plus Christmas Special


Series Two 2 Disks $10.oo quality 7/8    *(special series price)

episodes one thru six


Series Three 2 Disks $10.oo quality 7/8   *(special series price)

episodes one thru six

*Special complete series price  $25.oo




Henry Willows is a middle-aged divorcee contentedly living alone. Feathers really fly as his orderly life is disrupted when his teenage son Matthew, whom he has not seen for seven years, appears out of the blue, intending to stay. While Henry has never quite seen himself as the typical loving parent, he reluctantly agrees to give the arrangement a try.  Starring John Thaw. (Inspector Morse)

series 1  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

A New Life - Bad Apples - All You Need Is Love - Suspect - Dating Henry - Small Change - The Way We Were

series 2  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Plastic Dreamworld  - Open House - Acting Out - The Test - Protest - any Questions? - Julie

series 3  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Human Interest - Success Story - High Spirits - The Real Thing - Crimewatch - Getting On - Paper Chase - (special) Family Ties

series 4  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Bridge of Sighs - Front Runner - The Boyfriend - Thought For The Day - Return to Clagthorpe - High Noon - Leaving

*Special complete series price  $28.oo


Open All Hours

The Roy Clarke series  "Open All Hours" ran for four seasons.  Premiered: February 1, 1976    Last Aired: October 1, 1985  It starred David Jason (Touch Of Frost) and Ronnie Barker (The Two Ronnies) and co-starred several BBC names: Kathy Staff (Last Of The Summer Wine's Nora Batty) Barbara Flynn (Cracker's wife) and Stephanie Cole (Waiting For God & Keeping Mum).  All four series are available individually and do count toward the buy five series - get one free.


series 1   -   2 disks   -   $10.oo    *(special series price)

Picture / sound quality 8/9


Full Of Mysterious Promise,  A Matress On Wheels,  A Nice Little Cosy Disease,  Beware Of The Dog,  Well Catered Funeral,  Apples & Self Service



series 2   -   2 disks   -   $10.oo  *(special series price)

Picture / sound quality  8/9 


Laundry Blues,  The Reluctant Travelier,  Fig Biscuits & Inspirational Toloit Paper,  The New Suit,  Akwright's Mobile Store,  Shedding At The Wedding,  Saint Alberts Day


series 3  -   2 disks   -   $10.oo *(special series price)

Picture / sound quality 8/9 out of 10 depending on episode


An Errand Boy By The Ear,  The Ginger Men,  Duet For Solo Bicycle,  How To Ignite Your Errand Boy,  The Man From Down Under,  The Cool Coca Tin Lid


series 4   -   2 disks   -   $10.oo *(special series price)

Picture / sound quality 8/9 out of 10 depending on episode


Soulmate Wanted,  Horse Trading,  The Housekeeper Caper,  The Errand Boy Executive,  Happy Birthday Akwright,  The Mystical Boudir Of Nurse Gladys Emmanual


*Special complete series price  $28.oo



Ronnie Barker as FletchPorridge was a sitcom created by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais and was originally broadcast on the BBC in the 1970s. It centered on the lives of the inmates of Slade Prison in the wilds of Cumbria (or Cumberland as it was known then). The central character was Norman Stanley Fletcher aka Fletch played brilliantly by Ronnie Barker. Co-starring as guards were Brian Wilde and Fulton Mackay.

The show spawned a sequel, Going Straight, in 1978 following Fletch and Godber's lives after they left prison.

Porridge gained its title from British slang. Serving time in Prison is known as "doing porridge" referring to the traditional breakfast dish commonly served in British prisons in times passed.


1 disk - $10.oo - quality 8/9 (special series price)

New Faces, Old Hands - The Hustler - A Night In - A Day Out - Ways & Means -  Men Without Women


1 disk - $10.oo - quality 8/9 (special series price)

Just Deserts - Heartbreak Hotel - Disturbing The Peace - Happy Release - The Harder They Fall - No Peace For The Wicked -


1 disk - $10.oo - quality 8/9 (special series price)

A Storm In A Teacup - Poetic Justice - Rough Justice - Pardon Me - A Test Of Character - Final Stretch


1 disk - $10.oo - quality 8/9 (special series price)

Going Home - Going To Be Alright - Going Sour - Going To Work -Going, Going, Gone - Going Off The Rails


1 disk - $10.oo - quality 8/9 (special series price)

No Way Out (Christmas Special) - The Desperate House (Christmas Special) -  Porridge / The Movie - Norman Stanley Fletcher, Life Beyond The Box (2003)



Clarence - In 1937, on the day of King George VI's coronation, Clarence Sale, a very near sighted, clumbsy removal man is clearing the house of a snooty upper-class lady who is moving abroad. There, he meets Jane Travers, her maid. The pair are mutually attracted and soon Clarence proposes to her. Jane decides that they should have a trial period of living together in a small cottage she has been given in an inheritance to see if they are compatible, with a bolster in the bed to preserve her chasteness.

This 1988 series was Ronnie Barkers last before retirement.

1 Disk  -  $10.oo -  quality 8/9

(All six episodes)

Seven Of One - is a series that aired on BBC1 in 1973. Starring Ronnie Barker, Seven of One is a series of seven separate comedies that would serve as possible pilots for sitcoms.  Two became long running sitcoms for Ronnie, and one became a short run for Clive Dunn (of Dad's Army).

1 disk  -  $10.oo  -  quality  8 / 9

Open All Hours,  Prisioner & Escort  (became Poridge), My Old Man, Spanner's Eleven, Another Fine Mess, One Man's Meat, I'll Fly You for A Quid.

NEAREST AND DEAREST - On the death of their father Joshua, siblings Eli and Nellie Pledge inherit the family business, Pledge's Purer Pickles, at Colne, Lancashire, in the north of England. Their faithful workers include the myopic Stan Hardman, Bert and Grenville. Never far away are cousin Lily and her husband Walter.

The first two seasons were shot in black & white and the rest in color, but you look closely at these prints they seem to come from 16mm film and like many US programs (like the TV "Batman")  many of these episodes seems to have faded to black & white. 

Still very watchable and fun - we just have to do without the color.

series 1 - 1 disk - $10.oo - B&W - quality 8/9  spec series price

It Comes to Us All, Lead Me to the Altar, The Danger List, Take a Letter, You Make Me Feel So Young, The Wrong Side of the Sheets


series 2 - 1 disk - $10.oo - B&W - quality 8/9  spec series price

A Breach of the Peace, Wish You Were Here, the Deamon Drink, All You Wish Yourself, Now Is The Hour

series 3 - 1 disk - $10.oo - B&W/color - quality 7/8  spec series price

What Seems to Be the Trouble?, The Birds and the BeesGet Up Them Stairs, The Power Behind the Throne, Getting to Know You, Two Pennies to Rub Together  (special) The Ghost of Picklers Past

series 4 - 1 disk - $10.oo - B&W/color - quality 7/8  spec series price

A Price on Your Head, A Young Man's Fancy, When You've Got to Go, When Love Walks In, An Open-and-Shut Case


series 5 - 2 disks - $10.oo - B&W/color - quality 7/8  spec series price

Make Yourself at Home, Compliments of the Season, Barefaced in the Park, A Man and a Woman, Bottoms Up, X Marks the Spot, Something in the Night, Lucky for Some

series 6 - 1 disk - $10.oo - B&W/color - quality 7/8  spec series price

For Better, For Worse, A Place in the Sun, The Female of the Species, Worker's Playtime, The Right Spirit, A Question of Taste, A Pair of Bloomers

series 7 - 1 disk - $10.oo - B&W/color - quality 7/8  spec series price

Cindernellie, Good Time Girl, The French Disconnection, Get Out of That, The One That Got Away, The Visit, Far from the Madding Pong


Specials - 1 disk - $5.oo - B&W/color - quality 7/8  spec series price

Nearest & Dearest - The Movie, Pickle Testing, Jimmy Jewel Interview, Film Interview, Russell Harty Interview, You're The One That I Want (Hylda Baker Music Video)




People living in the United Kingdom know this program as The Good Life. This was how it was released and is the original title of the show. However, when it was released in the United States, the title was changed to Good Neighbors. Nothing else was changed and the American release has the same flower, bird and bee as the English release.

 "The Good Life" follows the lives of two happily married couples who live next door to each other. Tom and Barbara Good attempt to live completely self-sufficient lives (e.g. they make stinging nettle soup), something which is quite hard considering they live in the suburbs. Their very conservative neighbours, Jerry and Margo Ledbetter, look on, horrified at their bold experiment.

series 1  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Plough Your Own Furrow - Say Little Hen ...  -   The Weaker Sex?  -   Pig's Lib  -  The Thing in the Cellar  - The Pagan Rite - Backs to the Wall

series 2  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Just My Bill  -  The Guru of Surbiton  -  Mr. Fix-It  -  The Day Peace Broke Out  -  Mutiny  -  Home Sweet Home  -Going to Pot 

series 3 -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

The Early Birds  -  The Happy Event  -  A Tug of the Forelock  -  I Talk to the Trees  -  The Wind-Break War  -  Whose Fleas Are These?  -  The Last Posh Frock

series 4  -  2 disks  -  $10.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Away From it All  -    Geen Door  -  Our Speaker Today  -  The Weaver's Tale  -  Suit Yourself  -  Sweet and Sour Charity  -   Anniversary 

specials  -  1 disk  -  $5.oo  -  quality 8 to 9      *(special series price)

Silly, But It's Fun  -  When I'm 65 

*Special complete series price  $28.oo




Neverwhere is set in "London Below", a magical realm coexisting with the more familiar London referred to as "London Above". It was devised by  Neil Garman and Lenny Henry.

The idea for the story came from a conversation between Gaiman and Henry about a possible television series. Henry suggested a story with tribes of homeless people in London. Gaiman was initially reluctant to commit, as he feared that making the homeless appear "cool" would cause more young people to attempt to emulate the characters, but agreed to expand it from there.

1 disk - $6.oo - quality 8 to 9  -  6 episodes continue to complete one story

Door, Knights Bridge, Earls Court To Islington, Blckfriars, Down Street, As Above So Below.

Last Of The Summer Wine
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